The perfect pre-date facial. Exceptional results with zero pain or downtime!  


You will see significant wrinkle reduction with no pain or downtime and immediately feel younger and more confident.

CooLifting is the new “cryo-facial” that delivers immediate results.  Using Cryo concepts, CooLifting combines carbon dioxide and special serums to lift, tighten and super hydrate your skin.  Unlike many other popular treatments, CooLifting is painless.

Some of the amazing benefits you will experience:

  • Immediate luminosity to the skin
  • Lifting and tightening within 24 hours
  • With regular treatments you will see substantial improvements in your skin’s health
  • Intense hydration
  • Can be used in conjuctioin with other treatments to reduce the redness and inflammation
  • Because there is no downtime it is the perfect procedure to do before a date or big event.

Imagine glowing after just one painless four minute treatment!

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