Customized Nails

We specialize in unique, customized nail art and advanced nail shapes.  Our nail art is state-of-the-art; from crystals to 3-d artwork, we can create that WOW factor!

Customized Nail Art & Shapes

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Nail Enhancements

2 Week Fill

Nails last maintained 14 days and under
$35  Master Nail Technician

3 Week Fill

14 - 21 days since the last fill
$45  Master Nail Technician

4 Week Fill

22 days and over since your last fill
$55  Master Nail Technician

Full Set of Nails

Treat yourself to the full set for a fresh new look
$75  Master Nail Technician

Powder Coating Nail Servies


What's Included

All Services above include 1 color application or 1 color painted french application.
Each additional color application is $2.50.

Customized Nail Shapes & Nail Art

Nail shapes and art customized to you.  Select from our professionally customized options that you can view here.

$5 - 15 Extra

Nail Fix

Two nail fixes during scheduled appointment time complimentary, after that quantity $5 each/or at technician discretion.

$10 per nail outside appt. time - drop-in fee


Book an Appointment

You can schedule online or give us a call



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