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Nail Enhancements

2 Week Fill

Nails last maintained 14 days and under
$35  Master Nail Technician

3 Week Fill

14 - 21 days since the last fill
$45  Master Nail Technician

4 Week Fill

22 days and over since your last fill
$55  Master Nail Technician

Full Set of Nails

Treat yourself to the full set for a fresh new look
$75  Master Nail Technician

Powder Coating Nail Servies


What's Included

All Services above include 1 color application or 1 color painted french application.
Each additional color application is $2.50.

Customized Nail Shapes & Nail Art

Nail shapes and art customized to you.  Select from our professionally customized options that you can view here.

$5 - 15 Extra

Nail Fix

Two nail fixes during scheduled appointment time complimentary, after that quantity $5 each/or at technician discretion.

$10 per nail outside appt. time - drop-in fee



Gel Polish Manicure

10 - 14 days, dries instantly, includes cuticle care, exfoliation and relaxing hand massage

Modern Manicure

Shape, soak, cuticle care, relaxing hand massage and choice of full-size professional grade polish to keep

Marvelous Manicure

Shape, soak, cuticle care, exfoliating scrub to soften hands, and relaxing hand massage.  Plus your choice of full-size professional grade polish to keep 

Maximum Marx Manicure

This is the manicure that is more than magnificent.  All the benefits of the Marvelous Manicure, plus a Paraffin Dip to sooth and soften hands.  Choose your full-size professional grade polish to take home with you.


Pretty Piggies Pedi

Soaking, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing of callouses, moisturizing lotion and meticulous polish application.  Plus a full-size professional-grade polish of your choice to keep.

Pampered Pedi

Pretty Piggies PLUS exfoliating foot scrub and light massage from toe to knee.  Plus a full-size professional-grade polish of your choice to keep.

Premium Posh Pedi

Pampered Pedi PLUS warm oil treatment followed by a paraffin wax application to make your toes and lower legs glow.  Plus a full-size professional-grade polish of your choice to take home.

Wellness Pedicure

This is a hands-on, caring treatment of your toenails by a highly trained, experienced and Certified Master Pedicurist to ensure that your toenails and feet feel and perform the way they were meant to be. The Wellness pedicure uses products to make ingrown, damaged, discolored, unattractive nails beautiful - as nature intended them. Nail Lacquer added for an additional $5 ,Gel Polish application is an additional $10.
Starting at $68

Add-On Toenail Trim

This service includes sanitizing the feet, warm towel wrap, trim and file toenails.

Add-On Leg and Foot Massage Service

Add to your pedicure or manicure services $15/15 minute increments.

Add-On Foot Soak

Add a foot soak before or after any service to alleviate tired or achy feet $10/10 minutes.

Add-On Gel Polish

Walk out of the salon without drying, and get a long lasting polish.  Add Gel Polish Toenail Application for an additional $10 minutes.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Full Set

Full set of lush, natural lashes.  Each lash is lengthened creating longer, fuller lashes. Includes aftercare cleaning kit and a hydrating lip treatment.(2 hours)

Eyelash Classic Fill

Eyelash fill and touchup.  Recommended every 2 weeks.  (1 hour and 1.5 hour appointments available)
See Vagaro for pricing.




The Perfect Purifier

Repairs sun damage and keeps skin healthy and smooth.  Detox * Sun Damage * Repair

A Truffle of Prevention

Brightens skin tone and enhances texture.  Healing * Longevity * Radiance

Bananas Ban Acne

Perfect for acne sufferers.  Sensitive * Acne Breakouts * Repair

Bright & Beautiful

Brightens skin tone and enhances texture.  Brighten * Brilliance * Glow

Oxygen Rejuvenator

Perfect for aging skin.  Collagen * Oxygenating * Age Defying

Luxuriate in Lavender

For sensitive or dehydrated skin.  (**Prenatal Treatment Options)  Calming * Sensitive * Delicate

**Ask your skincare specialists about our exclusive PreNatal Treatment

The Gentleman

Perfect for the active gentleman.  (**Advanced Treatment Available)  Restore * Renew * Revive

**Ask your skincare specialist about our Advanced Gentlemen's Treatment

Eyes & Expressions - add on

Diminishes the signs of aging.   Eyes * Lift  * Contour
$15 - add on to any facial

Luscious Lips - add on

Revive cracked, dry, thirsty lips.   Lips * Kiss * Pucker
$15 - add on to any facial


Remove years in minutes.   Non-invasive * Rejuvenate * Age Defying


See almost immediate improvement in skin tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles.  Little Down Time  * Immediate Results


Above The Waist Waxing Services

Brow Wax

We focus on just the brow area.  You won't believe the difference a beautifully manicured brow makes.

Brow and Lip Wax

Remove that fuzz above your lip and clean up your brows to frame your face in the most flattering way.

Nostril Wax

The waxing of the inner nasal area.

Lip Wax

The removal of hair from the nasal area to the upper lip.

Chin Wax

Remove the fine fuzz that covers your chin area for a clean, youthful look.

Full Face Wax

From the forehead down through the chin area, all unwanted hair is carefully waxed. Brows Not Included.

Sideburn Wax

Tired of that sideburn facial hair?  We'll take care of that.

Half Arm Wax

Both lower or upper arms are waxed.  Lower arms include elbow and top of hands.  Upper arms include top of the shoulder to the elbow.

Full Arm Wax

Both arms are fully waxed

Underarm Wax

Give us 15 minutes - we'll remove the unwanted fur!

Below The Waist Waxing Services

Classic Bikini Wax

The Classic Bikini removes the hair on your bikini line; anything that grows past your hip line; or underwear line, will be waxed leaving you ready for the beach.  Includes the happy trail below your belly button.

Teenie Bikini Wax

The Teenie Bikini goes a little further than the Classic Bikini Wax and removes a small strip off the top hair line and on the part of your tush that shows when donning a bikini.

Playboy Bikini Wax

The Playboy Bikini wax removes everything from front to back, but a strip or triangle is left straight down the middle. The happy trail below your belly button is removed as well.

Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian Bikini leaves you completely bare, literally. All hair is removed from front to back, and also includes your happy trail below your belly button.


Both cheeks and inner crack are waxed.

Half Leg Wax

Both lower or upper legs are waxed including the knees.

Full Leg Wax

Both legs are fully waxed including the feet and toes.

Limited Time Specials

Check back regularly to see upcoming specials.
We are open late and weekends for your convenience.

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